At Qwarry:

  • We are driven by innovative technology.
  • We do not collect any personal data.
  • We are reshaping digital advertising

Qwarry is a semantic advertising analysis and targeting technology that does not collect cookies or personal data.

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What if user-centric technology was already obsolete?

Following users based on navigation history is no longer relevant, we target them according to content browsed in real-time.

To enhance your media strategy, it is more important—now than ever—to contextualize and communicate your digital ads while user attention is at its strongest.

target attention in real time

Target user attention

delivery context

Master the digital landscape of where your content is displayed.

brand reach

Amplify your brand’s reach

Explore Semantic Intelligence
by Qwarry

semantic intelligence

The use of generic keywords and superficial context analysis are not enough to generate a total understanding of the content. Qwarry’s hyper-contextualized technology reaches deeper, performing a complete extraction of web page editorial content. Whichever advertising format used, your brand will make a stronger and longer impression.

Qwarry’s magic: We do not collect any user data, including user ID, age, gender, address, location, email, etc., we respect the user’s personal privacy.

With unique and advanced real-time crawling technology of thousands of distinct URLs per minute, Qwarry provides multi-content semantic rating and brand suitability analysis, providing a comprehensive evaluation of web page editorial content.

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Proprietary Machine-Learning Framework


At Qwarry, we develop tailored Programmatic based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technologies.

“Deep Learning”: our Deep Learning algorithms enable us to interpret editorial content and brand suitability, attributing positive or negative scoring for individual pages where ads are displayed.

To learn more about our Deep Learning system for advanced ad targeting, watch this interview of Tahar, expert Data Scientist at Qwarry.

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Unique technology…

machine learning algorithms

NLP and NLU algorithms

proprietary technology

Proprietary semantic framework

filtered content

Filtered content

…that generates semantic data to enhance advertising performance


Multi-Scoring by URL

machine learning framework

Learning Framework

Classification and Analysis of Meaning & Brand suitability

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