Our detailed semantic data allows you to offer real-time and hyper-contextualized ad experience. Deliver added value to your partners and brands.

By using NLP and NLU algorithms, Qwarry technology enables us to analyze and classify editorial content, helping to identifiy immediate user interest without the use of cookies or any personal data.

We advocate for a cookieless approach by analyzing thousands of web pages per minute, displaying contextual statistics and brand suitability analysis for each page.
Improve user experience and optimize inventory monetization.

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semantic data

Enhance the value of each impression

By using detailed semantic data, capitalize on tailoring your ad inventory to specific user interests to better attract customer attention.

Design your campaign according to real-time user interest. Allow advertisers to get the highest yield on each impression.

ad revenue

Protect brand image

Use Qwarry’s semantic intelligence to better serve your partners and protect them from sensitive editorial context. Our technology ensures maximum revenue while guaranteeing relevant inventory for advertisers.

Targeting is no longer limited with the use of generic keywords. Increase ad revenue thanks to content and brand suitability analysis.

ad inventory

Generate incremental revenue

Increase your ad revenue without using personal data. User experience and impressions contextualization allow you to bring more value to your website traffic and to engage users.

Use semantic data to stimulate growth.

semantic data

Benefit from the best of our technology

Activate your semantic targeting within your SSP and monetize in real-time all of your ad inventory. By leveraging Qwarry’s semantic data you will have the opportunity to generate greater business outcome.

Free yourself from the limits imposed by browsers and regulatory concerns, allowing you to offer a better user experience.
Leverage your ad inventory and reach 100% of your users.

real-time insights

Gain new insights

Our proprietary semantic platform offers real-time insights based on users’ interests. Boost your performance with accurate semantic scoring.

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Optimize your cookieless and consentless inventory revenues with Qwarry’s semantic intelligence.

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Recommend and share with your partners our semantic data through your programmatic platforms.

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