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Qwarry Completes a €2 Million Financing Round

Published on 13 Feb 2020

For one year now, Qwarry has been changing the online advertising market by offering a semantic targeting solution without any cookies or user data.

To accelerate its development, the Norman Adtech startup announced a fundraising of two million euros from Normandie Participations, West Web Valley, Apicap, and Crédit Agricole Innove en Normandie.

Faced with a market shaken by the disappearance within two years of the advertising cookies of the main browsers and the latest recommendations of the CNIL tightening the methods of collecting the user’s consent, the tricolor nugget offers a real innovation by finally reconciling advertising targeting and respect for privacy.

“Semantics allows us to offer a unique targeting, reaching as closely as possible the attention of Internet users, because the advertising message is inserted according to the content read in real-time by Internet users and not according to data previously collected on them”, describes Julie Walther, co-founder of Qwarry.

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