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Qwarry Goes Beyond Contextual Targeting With Its New Ad Targeting Offer

Published on 15 Jun 2022

Qwarry, the solution for analysis and semantic targeting, is releasing a new Tribes Marketing offer to allow brands to reach their audience by projecting semantic profiles on 100% of inventories without using cookies or personal data. In order to achieve this goal, Qwarry is partnering with Médiamétrie.

The gradual disappearance of third-party cookies as well as the drop-in consent rates have brought the volume of users who cannot be adressed any longer to about 50 %. Those who offer contextual targeting are therefore gaining ground, since this alternative allows clients to make up for the growing lack of user data and opens up new growth perspectives for the market. In response to this development, Qwarry has decided to once again think outside the box: it is now evolving its semantic targeting solution by allowing agencies and advertisers to reach the « tribes » of brands without having to use user data, thus going much further in the addressability of audiences by the contextual.

Qwarry offers targeting revolving around about thirty tribes with various attributes (Fashion addict, Fitness Freak, Foodie, Luxury Lover, etc.) which are supplemented by age and gender data from the individual and anonymized data produced by the Audience Internet Global by Médiamétrie//NetRatings.

This new approach, combining ad performance and privacy protection, allows for a better understanding of audiences, which in turn allows for more precise targeting and brand impact optimization.

We are proud to release this new offer and to be able to allow our clients to benefit from extended targeting abilities that go beyond the contextual. Our teams strive to make our clients’ media buying easier everyday by providing them with a better understanding of the audience they target. This new era marks the end of using a user’s personal data; the volume of personal data used is already decreasing sharply. Agencies and brands are looking for alternate solutions as we speak. Our technology will continue to adjust to and anticipate market trends in order to fulfill our clients’ needs,Julie Walther, co-founder of Qwarry, said.

“The data from our panels are representative, measured, audited, cross device, and comply with consent and privacy protection regulations. As such, they are more crucial than ever in a world where companies are getting less and less access to users’ personal data. Qwarry’ innovative solution puts Audience Internet Global’s data at the center of the digital advertising ecosystem, in order to support its clients in an operational and ever more efficient way,” Bertrand Krug, Digital and Press Director of Médiamétrie, added.

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Marie Gramaccia
Marketing & Communication Manager