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Qwarry is bringing its semantic data to Xandr advertisers

Published on 27 Jan 2022

Qwarry, the cookieless semantic targeting and analytics platform, is partnering with Xandr, AT&T’s advertising company. This new partnership turns Qwarry into a data provider whose technology is directly integrated into Xandr’s media purchasing platform. Qwarry and Xandr had already teamed up in December 2020 when they rolled out semantic programmed advertising campaigns together via Xandr Invest. Today, both stakeholders from the digital advertising industry have joined forces to make semantic targeting more accessible to all advertisers and agencies operating on the Xandr Invest DSP

With the phasing-out of cookies and other tracking solutions, advertisers are finding it increasingly difficult to reach their audiences while complying with GDPR requirements. In this incredibly challenging media environment, the industry is keen to start shaping the future of digital advertising, where the demand for data integration and semantic targeting in advertising is rapidly increasing.

To meet this challenge, Qwarry has developed a 100% cookieless, real-time semantic marketing platform which does not rely on user consent or data, thereby revolutionising market analyses and targeted advertising.

Today, Qwarry is bringing its expertise to the purchasing platform Xandr Invest. Xandr is one of the world’s largest marketplaces for agencies and advertisers to run advertising campaigns in a premium, multi-format and multi-device environment. Qwarry’s semantic data is already available to all advertisers using the Xandr Invest DSP on a self-service basis. The advantages for advertisers are significant: reduced costs, improved responsiveness, and easier leveraging of semantic intelligence for advertising campaigns in French and English.

This new venture ties in with Qwarry’s development objectives, which aim to give the greatest possible number of people access to semantic targeting by increasing the number of connections on media purchasing platforms.

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Geoffrey Berthon
CEO & Founder @Qwarry