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Qwarry Signs the Advertising Pact

Published on 27 Oct 2020

Qwarry, the first semantic analysis and targeting platform without cookies or user data, has teamed up with 240 advertising and media personalities to sign the Advertising Pact.

The pact, launched at the initiative of the WhatRocks Foundation, aims to devote 1% of the brands’ advertising investments on the Internet to finance charities. At a time when we are facing challenges like never before, let’s give meaning and social utility to digital advertising. Advertising will indeed play a crucial role in boosting sales because each Euro invested in advertising generates a turnover of 7€.

Consumers are making a new demand since 77% of them expect advertising to be more useful to society: in other words, advertising must also be at the service of society by creating not only economic value but also social value.

Committed to creating a new advertising ecosystem that is more respectful of user privacy, it was only natural for Qwarry to join the solidarity advertisement movement.

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