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AdTech: 2 Million Euros for Qwarry and its Cookieless Ad Targeting Solution

Published on 10 Feb 2020

Qwarry, who is specialized in ad targeting through contextual data, raises 2 million euros from Normandie Participations, West Web Vally, Apicap, and Crédit Agricole Innove en Normandie.

Founded in 2019 by Geoffrey Berthon and Julie Walther, Qwarry is developing an ad targeting solution without using cookies. The startup is using semantic data to allow advertisers to display targeted ads about the content that the user is consuming. The norman firm indicates that they do not collect any private data such as ID, age, gender, location, or email address. On the other hand, Qwarry is interested in the semantics of Internet websites which users visit to allow advertisers to establish their strategy. Based on a deep learning algorithm, Qwarry’s solution can adjust an advertisement according to the keywords found there.

The weight of the GDPR

“Semantics allows us to offer unique targeting because the advertising message is inserted according to the content read in real-time by Internet users and not according to data previously collected about them,” describes Julie Walther. In case companies have to delete their cookies permanently, Qwarry hopes to be at the forefront, to offer them a new solution. Let’s recall that the GDPR requires cookies to be used only with the consent of the targeted user and that its model extends internationally.

Given the latest recommendations of the CNIL concerning advertising cookies, Qwarry hopes to anticipate the needs of companies who wish to follow these recommendations. The startup aims to open an R&D center in Caen and recruit 30 employees there. “We are going to accelerate our development and offer advertisers, publishers, and media agencies the opportunity to use semantic data directly within their own advertising tools”, commented Geoffrey Berthon.

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