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Qwarry joins the ranks of the LVMH Maison des Startups

Published on 17 Jan 2022

Qwarry was founded in 2019 and is now the key cookieless semantic marketing platform in France. The start-up has been selected for inclusion in the 2022 season of the LVMH “Maison des Start-ups”. This means that Qwarry is now one of a collaboration of 25 innovative start-ups benefiting from the accelerator program set up by the French luxury fashion house LVMH.


 Since 2017, the LVMH group has been supporting fifty start-ups per year via its accelerator program, the Maison des Start-ups, based at the Station F campus in Paris. The Maison des Start-ups works every year to promote meticulously selected, innovative start-ups addressing issues such as data use, brand awareness, operations, sustainability for resources, and artificial intelligence. By creating a network of innovative and mould-breaking up-and-comers, the LVMH group can leverage a multitude of solutions to support its own growth and sustain the top standard of its brand. In the current climate where the digital advertising market is experiencing a series of challenges, Qwarry has been able to catch the eye of the luxury group and work its way in to the 2022 season of the Maison des Start-ups.


To stand firm and out in the wake of changes in the regulatory framework and the phasing-out of third-party cookies, Qwarry developed its 100% cookieless targeted advertising platform which uses analyses and semantic targeting to work without the need for user data or consent. Qwarry therefore helps advertisers to more easily reach their target audiences and to optimise their advertisement performance while continuing to focus on their brand image. Semantic targeting is 89% more precise than targeting using keywords, and purchase intention increases by 36 points thanks to the start-up’s targeting technology.

“We are very proud to be part of the LVMH group’s Maison des Start-ups. The decrease in the amount of addressable data and the impact of this on advertising strategies is the key issue for brands at the moment. Qwarry offers a high-performance, sustainable solution. Through this selection, the LVMH group seeks to express its wish to support an innovative approach to marketing strategies that is mindful of personal data.” said Julie Walther, co-founder of Qwarry.

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Geoffrey Berthon
CEO & Founder @Qwarry