It is against this backdrop that Qwarry, a young Norman company, has been, for a year now, offering a semantic targeting solution without any cookies or user data. An avant-garde proposal that has just obtained the support of Normandie Participations, West Web Valley, Apicap, and Crédit Agricole Innove en Normandie – who have invested €2 million. “Semantics allows us to offer a unique targeting experience that is very relevant to the attention of Internet users because the advertising message is inserted according to the content read in real-time by Internet users and not according to data previously collected about them,” explains Julie Walther, co-founder of Qwarry. With this capital increase, the Normandy-based start-up plans to recruit up to 30 employees in its R&D center in Caen by the end of 2020. And thus, address its semantic data to advertisers, publishers, and media agencies.

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