1) How are you and your firm doing?

The whole team is doing well, which is what matters the most right now. From day one, we set up virtual coffee breaks twice a day to strengthen social ties and ensure that employee morale remains high. Everyone has found their pace remotely, without too much difficulty, especially since we are still welcoming new employees even during the lockdown. Luckily we are a close-knit team where everyone takes care of each other and despite the unprecedented health crisis we are all going through, there is at Qwarry a deep sense of commitment and solidarity with a strong will to face this ordeal and to prepare together the way out of the crisis.

2) What have you implemented with your clients to continue your missions?

More than ever, we’re staying in touch with our customers and partners, whether it’s to catch up with them, to exchange with them on the subjects that garner their attention right now and the new business reality that the whole market is facing We are all living and sharing this unprecedented time together and despite the distance imposed by the lockdown we are maintaining these social ties that unite us all beyond the simple professional framework.

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